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When the tea is new, it’s light in colour, it taste bitter, with it is flowery aroma and the strong taste. As a Puer Tea evolves with time, based on it’s substance inside itself, surroundings; it evolves to another kind of texture, darkish in colour, clean, a reserved scent of aged wooden, refined taste. What other tea could give this type of sensations?
The above reasons are why I choosed Puer Tea amongst other tea. As Puer Tea is saved by way of the ages, it’s affected by the exterior factors like the humidity, temperature, cleanliness of the place of storage however in the end it must be made properly with good tea leaves or the most effective conditions given would produce a very good aged Puer Tea. Yi means beautiful woman, Wu means snakes, so Yiwu means the place where the gorgeous lady of snake resides. In Qing dynasty, puerh tea produced within the six ancient tea mountains had been collectively referred to as Shan Cha, literally means Mountain Tea whereas tea produced in Menghai county known as Ba Cha, means highland tea. Every tea means differently to every individual, for me proper now, Puer Tea touches me. This tea is the signature sheng Pu-erh from the Zhong Ji Menghai Tea Factory. To tell apart, Yiwu Mountain, amongst other 5 tea mountains, is historically known as Yiwu Zhen Shan, that means the origin mountain or the core mountain.