Atomy Biotics 10 Plus

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12 types of mixed Lactobacili make your
stomach happy.

Increases helpful Lactobacili and helps
improve gut health.

Health Supplement
150g (2.5gx60 Sachets) / Form: Powder

3 Billion Lactobacilli taken *per 1 sachet (2.59)

12 types of Lactobacili with different functions mixed together

Adult : Take 1 sachet (2.5g powder) once per day directly or mix with
water after food.

+ Please check the ingredients before intake.

+ People with allergies or intolerance may experience reactions to the

+ Do not consume the product if it is past the expiration date.

+ Keep away from children.

+ Gluten Free

Store below 30, protect from light and moisture

Expiration Date 1 year after production date.

What are Biotics?

Biotics are “live bacteria living in a healthy person’s
intestine that provide positive health effects when proper
amounts are taken”.

[7 Jel Source : FAO / WHO (World Health Organization)

Functions of biotics

Increase in


Why is Lactobacillus important?

Ali Between the stomach and intestines, various Lactobacilli and
harmful bacteria coexist.

3 bi v In the case of healthy children, most bacteria in the excreta
GASES are bifidobacteria.

Let us preserve intestinal health by increasing helpful bacteria.

The effect of Lactobacillus in activation of intestinal


– Lactobacillus is a microorganism that plays a helpful role in the intestinal
environment upon arrival in the intestine.

– Lactobacillus living in the mucous membrane produces lactic acid and
makes the intestinal environment acidic.

– This increases helpful bacteria which grow well in an acidic environment,
making the intestines a lot healthier.