Atomy Homme All-in-One Wash

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Shampoo and body wash in one!
It is an all-in-one shower wash that thoroughly cares for sebum and oil with active ingredients specific to men’s skin.
Akowellr Fresh: Helps with anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial effects, whitening, anti-aging, relieving troubles, and improving freckles.
Usnear Extract: Helps with skin conditioning with detoxification, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory and high content of flavonoids.
Bergamot leaf extract: Effective for trouble care and acne treatment, and removes excess oil and impurities in pores to take care of oily skin’s shine.

Contains 6 fresh herb extracts
Houttuynia cordata, centella asiatica, basil, marshmallow, fennel, chamomile

▶ How to use
Take an appropriate amount, make bubbles, gently roll over hair and body as if massaging, then rinse thoroughly.