Atomy Herbal Shampoo *1EA


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1. Scalp cleanliness : Removes wastes and contaminants with herbal ingredients such as Asparagus cochinchinensis, Eclipta prostrate, and Chrysanthemum zawadski var. latilobum

2. Trouble care : Protects damaged hair texture with various effective ingredients such as Pleuropterus multflorus, Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz bark, and Swertia pseudo-chinensis

3. Scalp health : Atomy Saengmodan makes the scalp healthy


After pumping sufficient amount on the palm, massage the scalp softly for 1-2 minutes . Massage by pushing and pulling softly from left to right and up to down. This promotes scalp circulation by repetition. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water.