Atomy Cerakids Shampoo & Bath *1EA

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It is a shampoo and bath product that can be used by the whole family from head to toe with mild ingredients.
Natural moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and betaine keep the skin moist even after washing.
Soft and rich bubbles are generated to gently cleanse fragile and sensitive skin.

Ceramide, Phytosphingosine: Strengthens the skin barrier to increase the natural strength of the skin
Natural HG : Moisturizes and fills the skin with moisture
Molokia leaf extract, fresh lotus extract: skin soothing for delicate baby skin
Lactobacillus soybean fermented extract: Contains rich amino acids and vitamin E to suppress collagen decomposition enzymes to prevent moisture loss and help maintain a sense of moisture.

▶ How to use
Take an appropriate amount, apply to wet hair or the whole body, and massage gently.
Rinse thoroughly and finish with a moisturizer.