Atomy The Fame Toner

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Instant Moisture : Recharges dry skin with concentrated moisture through the Skin Moisturizing System. 3 types of non-irritating moisture components get absorbed to quickly soothe the skin.
4 Technologies + New Technology(Triple Oil, Micro Capsule, Argan Kernel Oil, Phytosqualane, Shea Butter) + New Materials(Panthenol, 5 Types of Hyaluronic Acids, Ceramide) + Low Irritancy(German Dermatest Excellent Rating Achieved) : Skin Care 6 System
Verified ingredients meet advanced technology : Atomy Skincare System The Fame contains high-purity, highly concentrated effective ingredients that were extracted from natural ingredients to improve absorption and penetrate through the skin.
Premium cosmetics that combine 4 major advanced technologies. High Purification Technology. Fresh Herb Extraction Biotechnology. Fermentation Technology. Multiple Capsulation Delivery Technology.
Step1. Panthenol(Dexpanthenol) : Plumping moisture / Step2. 5-step Hyaluronic acid : Multi-moisture / Step3. Ceramide : Barrier Moisture