Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++(Beige )

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Double protection of UVA/UVB
Spreads smoothly without stickiness
No white turbidity
Strong on sweat and sebum
High SPF makes it great for an outdoor sunscreen!
Mild with 4 non-added ingredients
(Animal ingredient, mineral oil, triethanolamine, Benzophenone)
It contains fresh herb components, supplies moisture and nutrition to prevent drying of the skin

What is SPF?
SPF is the universal measurement of UVB protection
It stands for Sun Protection Factor
It measures the amount of time sunscreen protects the skin against reddening from UVB rays
A higher SPF number indicates protection from more UVB rays

What are PA+, PA++, PA+++ and why are they important?
UVA rays are considered more harmful than UVB rays
because they cause long term deep-skin damage
‘PA’ ranking refers to the amount of protection that sunscreen offers from the UVA rays
PA rankings are listed as PA+, PA++, PA+++
The more plus signs(+) there are, the more you will be protected from UVA rays

▶ How to use
At the last step of basic skin care, apply onto face, neck and sun exposed area using finger tapping gently for absorption.