Mr. Wipes Concentrated limescale remover


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The new formula easily removes rust marks, limescale deposits, and dirt, leaving the surfaces clean without the need to rub. Leaves no traces. Rinses off easily. Stone Deposits May Form In Different Places Due To Hard Water. The detergent can be used in all water boiling appliances, such as kettles, tea or coffee machines, etc.

How To Use: Wear Rubber Gloves When Using Detergent. For Heavy Dirt (Steel, Teflon, Bottles, Cups, And Kettles), The Detergent Can Be Used Directly. For light soiling, dissolve 50-100 g of detergent in 1 liter of water. Wait until the reaction is over, then rinse thoroughly. For Cleaning Dishwashers Fill the basket with 100-160 G Detergent and start the program 50-60 ° C. Clean washbasins and bathtubs by dissolving 100 grams in 1 liter of water and apply directly to the stains. Rinse after 1-2 minutes. If necessary, repeat the procedure, increasing the concentration. Do not use on wooden, marble, or enameled surfaces.