Atomy Daily Expert Mask Firming

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Daily Expert Mask Firming

'Product Description
1. Seaweed Expert Sheet
Seaweed fiber is added to sheets containing cupro, bamboo, and tencel
to deliver active ingredients to the skin more effectively.

2. Polymer gel network
Forms an elastic film on the skin to quickly absorb active ingredients into the skin

3. Perfect fit without lifting the skin
The transparent sheet, filled with plenty of active ingredients,
adheres moistly to the skin and provides abundant nutrition.

'How to use
1. After washing your face, adjust your skin texture with toner.
2. Open this product, peel off the protective film, and apply it evenly to the entire face, aligning the eyes and mouth well.
3. Apply this product to the skin, remove after 10-20 minutes, and lightly tap the remaining essence to absorb.
4. Finish with lotion, cream, etc. according to skin condition.