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Absolute Skincare Set

Absolute Story

1. Absolute dermatology science proclaims
‘the era of younger looking skin’

Makes skin more beautiful and gives vitality and elasticity.

2. The core essence of evolutionary derma-science
Absolute is ‘the core essence of evolutionary derma-science’

brought to you from Atomys’ years of skincare research coupled with
the ‘skincare 6 system’ which revolutionsed the history of skincare

3. The 6 key technologies of Absolute dermatology science

Absolute was created with 4 upgrades from existing key pieces of
Atomy skincare technology, in addition to 2 more outstanding technologies.

4. Absolute dermatology science starts from the base.

Absolute dermatology science added ‘tocopherol’ and ‘catechin’ to
moisturising green tea water to get premium ‘green tea essential water’

5. Delicate fragrance of tuberose.

Absolute is accompanied by the mysterious fragrance of tuberose.